Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey Look, A Kitty!!

So, as I've previously mentioned (yelled?) I live in an undisclosed southern state, a state that seem to think that once April rolls around that it can become freakin Seattle!! Well guess what state, you are not cool enough to pretend to be Seattle, you are a state of trees and a movie theater, so stop with the damn rain now!!
Anywho, I'm going to go ahead and blame the flood outside my house for not blogging lately, I'm not mature enough to be happy despite the weather...I have given into the gloom and refuse to be happy and/or funny until I see the sun again. (NOTE: I know I wasn't that funny to start with so it was all down hill)

Here's a picture of a kitty to hold you over!!
Hey Look, A Kitten!!!


Anonymous said...

Kitten photos solve everything, don't they? Thank goodness for kittens.

June with a Cleaver said...

Indeed, kitten are the best of distractions. Sometimes when I'm getting yelled at by my boss I'll just reach into my bag and pull a kitty out and the boss will completely forget why he was yelling.

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