Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't Get Excited...

So it's still raining like a bitch outside...which frankly is pissing me off to no end! I swear if I weren't so freakin depressed I would break something!

It's times like these that I really wish I had some amazing work ethic and could sit down with my giant book of blog topics and just post something fantastic despite the shitty weather and awful storms that have been raping the south for the past two weeks....but I'm not that awesome and here I sit with no idea of what I want to blog about and nothing to do to give me and ideas.

I thought about writing a post about the royal wedding..but I just wasn't that moved by it, then I thought "Hey, Bin Laden is gone, I could write about that!!" But then I was like "Wait, that is a pretty serious topic, that asshat killed a lot of people, do I really want to do this?" and no, no I don't want to even attempt to make light of that topic.

It's just been a really crappy couple of weeks. But I promise that I shall return and be better than I have ever been...or worse, but nonetheless I'll be back!


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