Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Open Letter To The Mean Kids I Went To School With.

TheBloggess tweeted a link to JustLinda whom wrote an amazing post about the struggles her daughter is currently facing in school with regards to fitting in and being included. Please go read that post, it is so honest and heart breaking.

After I read Linda's I began to ponder my own experience in school and how it shaped me into the fantastic individual I am today. So here is a letter to all of the hateful, cruel, mean spirited kids I went to school with.

Dear Mean Kids,
                How are you? I hope this letter finds you well and in good health. I'm doing well, actually I'm amazing, never been happier in fact! I was just writing this letter to thank you. Thank you for every cruel, mean thing you ever did to me. For calling me fat, for excluding me from activities, thank you for taking what was unique about me and taunting me to the point where I actually felt ashamed of it!
    You see, because of your hateful taunting, I learned empathy for others that have to deal similar issues as mine. While you were out on Friday nights making stupid mistakes, I was at home with my amazing parents soaking up their wisdom and knowledge.
    While you were goofing off at lunch, I was in the library learning a cornucopia of words that you still do not comprehend and while you were using your last thread of creativity to think of ways to tear me down I was realizing that the best weapon against you was my own inflated ego. Thats right...I'm awesome and I don't need your damn approval. Yes, there is nothing that will confuse mean kid more than a chubby chick who knows how fantastic she is.
      You think I'm fat? Well congratulations on forming a cohesive thought, by the way, I have awesome boobs so I win.
      You think I'm weird? I am weird, this is news to people?
      I don't dress right? Are you kidding?  I look fantastic, who else can take yard sale clothes and rock them like me?
         So you see mean kids, after years of trying my hardest to meet your approval, I was able to not give a shit. You know what else, I'm 25 now and I still know that I'm awesome. I refuse to be modest and I look in the mirror everyday and yes I see my "faults" but I love me, my husband (who is sexy as hell by the way) loves me and I'm happy.
                         Signed,   The Most Amazing Woman On Earth

Note: If you're going through something similar to this or even if you're feeling down on yourself, remember that you are fucking fantastic!! Please don't wait for someone else to build you up, do it yourself. Look in the mirror and list everything that is amazing about you and say them out loud, shout them from the roof tops!! You. Are. Awesome. Don't keep it secret.


JustLinda said...

This is awesome!! And I agree with you... I had my share of trials and tribulations growing up, was teased about being fat, etc. but all of that is part of what made me who I am, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, because I'm pretty happy with me.

Thanks for your comments and the linky-love back to my post. I hope you read the follow up I wrote because I totally acknowledged that in the Great Kickball Game of Life, I know my kid is going to kick ass!

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